Huawei Mate 20 X Review

  • 5 May 2019
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I have been a fan of Huawei phones for a number of years and have used everything from Blackberries, I Phones, Androids including the Huawei Mate 7, the Mate 10 pro and now the Huawei Mate 20 X. Wow, what a beast of a phone this is. All 7.2 of it, wondered if it it was just a little too big, but its actually really good in the hand, the screen real estate is really something to behold, makes a huge difference in whatever you choose to do with your device. Love the fact that it has more or less everything that you can ask for in a top end smartphone. Taking photos is a breeze and they look stunning. Playing games, both the utilisation, how the game looks and sounds is pretty awesome. Watching videos on a screen like this is absolutely perfect, makes all the difference. Whether I am writing emails, reading social media feeds, browsing, working, taking photos, relaxing to music, this phone really has it all. Just purchased the leather Huawei case and the M pen for it. Very happy with my purchase. Huawei gets a hard press and thats a shame because they really are at the top of the game and offer the best value for what is delivered. Looking forward to sharing thoughts, experiences and photos with this community. Thanks for reading.

1 reply

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