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  • 25 September 2018
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I know many of my Huawei KOL's use my news library for various topics across the technology spectrum.

So, I thought I'd share my Flipboard Library with you all which covers many magazines of varying topics.

The specific one I want to share with you that I created is my Huawei Magazine which I've stored many news items as well as a number of articles and presentations from Huawei too.

I hope this magazine my help you as well as providing items from the past few years which may help for reference purposes if you are writing a blog or a presentation.

Side note - I hope this is in the right section for you @Amy and @Kat? If not, please feel free to locate where you think it would help the community most

3 replies

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for sharing. The Huawei Magazine looks amazing!

Let's keep it in this section. I even added it as a sticky topic. 😃
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Thanks @Amy - any article that I see and think has could contain useful information for research, blogs or presentations I library in to there. So I do hope it helps others like it does myself and fellow members of the Huawei KOL Community
Interesting 🙂