Join the support being shown worldwide, #WeStandWithHuawei

I have been using my Huawei phone for years and will do so until they stop making them!

All around the world people are showing their support to Huawei at this time and I think we, the Huawei Community, should all do so the same!

I'm sending my support to Huawei, via #WeStandWithHuawei and I think if you're a supporter of Huawei I ask you to do the same!!

So get on twitter, Insta, Fb and share the #WeStandWithHuawei and tag @HuaweiMobileUK

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The support from around the world is amazing!


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Done. Trump won't stand in my way of enjoying my Huawei kit.
Breaking news!

Trump: 'I can imagine Huawei being included' in a US-China trade deal

This is light at the end of the tunnel.
Let's hope that this trade war ends asap!
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Like to see future Google updates. See how the situation unfolds.
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The best phones in the world ! From the Sony Ericsson t10 in 2000 to 2019, I've tested a lot of phones from different companies. In my opinion, Apple was the best smartphone before Samsung Galaxy S5 launch. After that, is was a battle between Samsung and HTC, Sony, LG, etc. Suddenly, a new player sowns up. Huawei! Since P9 lite that I owned, in my opinion, Huawei is the best! I still have the P9 lite. I can't trow it away. It shows me what a 200€ phone can do! I bought Allso P10, Mate 20 Pro and now P30 Pro. I hope Huawei will win this battle whit Trump! I am waiting for Mate 30 Pro and thefoldable phone! Win this war Huawei! Me and my family are whit you in this battle!

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Trump needs to step down US citizens needs to wake up he is damaging every country with this trade war.
US loses value every minute on the trade war while China is doing better because of the assets they have is immense huge.
Every company could have restriction on their assets within the manufacturing process in China American companies that needs China for making phone could lose enormous amounts of money.
Why chose a leader that can't lead.

No one noticed but Trump is filling he's pockets and screws the trade market in the progress that's just being greedy
I have been using my Huawei phone for years and will do so until they stop making them! #yemen
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I am also standing with Huawei hoping that after 6 months they fix the problems of EMUI 9 that does not let users upload videos to instagram, facebook, snapchat ....

the phone is lagged and can not move the videos

I have been with Huawei for the last 3 years, during this time I have had a P10 for a very short period, A Honor 9 for 2 years and a P30 my current phone. All three I found to be very good phones and I am very angry and upset with the tactics of Mr Trump who to my mind is using this situation as a means to build up Iphone and the rest of the US type companies. I do not trust Trump and will not trust him. My previous phones have been HTC, Phillips and Motorola. My curent phone the P30 is the best mobile phone that I have ever had and I do hope that Huawei will win through in the current situation and that they will continue to produce the best products in the world. Please continue to defy the USA and Mr. Donald Trump and please continue to produce the best phones and equipment as you are doing now.
P30 is a beauty as is the Watch GT . Full 💪🏼Support to Huawei!!
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P30 is a beauty as is the Watch GT . Full 💪🏼Support to Huawei!!


calm friend, calm. Greek tragedy will come ...

compare the final quality of a video uploaded to any social network (instgram, facebook snapchat) in HUAWEI and an APPLE or SAMSUNG high-end.

you've seen?

now ... cry ...

We wait for solution from Huawei

What all this have to do with idiot Trump and Huawei ban? Huawei will win the war American troll you see