Mate 10 Pro Vs Mate 20 lite - 1st impressions

  • 3 October 2018
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After having the mate 10 pro for about a year now and as my daily driver , today I tried the mate 20 pro lite for the first time. Here are my quick first impressions.

Firstly the mate 20 lite here has space for an SD card or a second sincerely, that's a nice touch and I'll be popping in my work SIM as well.

Headphone jack it's nice to have but I actually use Bluetooth headphones but good as a fall back option. Mate 10 just has the charging USBC

The phones are essentially the same size with the mate 20 lite screen slightly larger with the notch and it's a little thicker.

The mate 20lite isn't waterproof but this is a mid range phone.
Its got an FM radio function.. bit 2010 but I'll take it.

The ram is less on the lite but tbh I don't notice it so far, I'm not a heavy gamer.

The camera.. I noticed the lite isn't branded Leica .

The selfie function on the lite is better. The UI here is better on the camera, much easier to use.

Night mode on the mate10pro is better by far as is the stabilisation.

The AI on the lite seems better the AR functions are for the youngsters but fun to play around with.

Battery holding out well as the mate10pro pro even though slightly smaller.

The mate20lite retails in UK around £370 and comes with free headphones, my mate10pro cost me over £600 with no freebie.
This is great bang for your buck.

The EMU on the lite updated on first power on to 8.02 and is now more updated than my mate10pro

These are early impressions and not totally comprehensive.

Now the Mate 20 pro is available the Mate 10 Pro (if you can find it) is about the same price as the Mate 20 Lite. both great value devices.

6 replies

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I will definitely look into this. Thanks
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@MordecaiHoltz Here you go :

in summary : Its worth the upgrade!
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Can you send me the link to the comparison of the two mates?
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@MordecaiHoltz Thanks I also did a post comparing the Mate 10 Pro to the Mate 20 Pro.

I think it all depends on your budget.

The mate 10 pro is a better overall device but the Mate 20 lite has a few tricks that you would only see on the Mate 20 series, such as the Augmented reality, notch etc and you will get more updates from the 20 lite than the 10 pro.
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Good comparison of two devices. I am interested in this because I was curious about the similarities.
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Hey Chillphone,

Thanks for sharing your first impressions! 😃