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  • 7 November 2018
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I know we all (myself included) rant and rave on the forums about the updates to our devices and how we feel let down by Huawei, but I thought I would say something about my thoughts on how I feel about using their products.

Some users think I work for Huawei, so I'm putting the record straight I don't work for them, but do use their products (currently own the Watch 1 Classic, Watch 2 Classic, Mate 10 Pro and P20 Pro and the HG612 VDSL modem). I've always stated that they create exceptional hardware, but this is let down by the support provided in the terms of software updates (which include bugfixes), security updates and support.

I think if Huawei took the stance and said to the network operators in the UK, look we are responsible for updating our devices and we have an obligation to our customers to ensure their device security is upto date, we will not allow the networks to have a customised version of the software as this is just causing backlash from customers, I think a lot of anger towards Huawei in regards to the updates and supporting their devices would disappear.

To look into perspective think of this, you have purchased a TV from Currys but decide to use Sky for it, Sky have no control over that TV, they don't check it won't affect it's performance of the service they are providing, this is the same if you purchased a router for your broadband connection, the ISP has no say over the configuration of that router, this should be the same for mobile phones.

I love my watches, but the Huawei Health application is not as polished as I would like it to be, its a nice interface for seeing the data, but that's it, you can't link this to Google Fit, if you have to reset your devices you lose all the historical data as there is no facilities like strava, runtastic, google fit, mapmyfitness, etc which allows users to save to the cloud and view online and resync back to the device.

My phones are both excellent pieces of hardware, but due to one being rebranded by the network operator even though never purchased via them I don't receive the regular updates from Huawei for the device along with the device I actually purchased through a network operator, I am now reluctant to purchase another Huawei device in the UK and this is all due to the network operators making unauthorised changes to my phone and that they are blocking the updates.

Hopefully in the future Huawei can get the network operators to agree not to use a customised version of the firmware and allow Huawei to provide the updates, if this happens I would look at buying Huawei again. I also think that they should advertise which retailers provide the unlocked sim-free european model in the UK or even better, provide this themselves directly from their website.

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