New Arrival Just Delivered! - Snorkeling Case P30 Pro

  • 26 June 2019
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Can't wait to try it out

4 replies

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@JeffROI , definitely interesting to hear what you think and agree with @Harper - a blog post would be ideal.

Bit of a question with regards to the tripod screw on the snorkeling case.

Is it a standard tripod screw or is it a different fitting?

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I would be interested to see a review of this as I have this on a list to buy next. I do alot of Watersports and frequently go down the South Coast quite a bit so this would be perfect. Is it as a good as it looks. @JeffROI consider getting up blog on it and showing some snaps in Underwater mode.

Good luck with it! 🤞👍
Let us all know how you get on