Noise cancelling any good?

  • 1 August 2019
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Hi all, I have a rare condition called superior canal dehience syndrome (quite the mouthful lol SCDS is easier). To explain my condition in a basic way is that I have no bone/skull over my ear canals, this creates a 3rd window for sound to travel into my brain cavity (sound waves are very painful).
Now you may ask what's this got to do with technology, well I have my new P30 pro (so so so happy) well you have noise cancelling headphones and my question is do they work, loud noise can make me fall over and chronic vertigo isn't much fun.
Off conversation but do earbuds work OK with hearing aids.?
😂 Lots to read thanks for reading, hope you understood

2 replies

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Hi Brian.
I would suggest you search for and view reviews on headphones for people with Autism.
The condition you mentioned has large similarities to this field and I think this will help you.

Example reviews.
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@BrianDavies I`m not familliar with your condition but it might help to filter out certain frequencies of the sound and it might benefit your listening experience i use a program called apo equalizer its a windows program u can use to alter the frequency range of your output device(headphones) u could try it for free as it is free software and see of turning certain frequencies down will stop the sound from traveling all the way into your brain.

is it mostly the bass u are not taking well or is it the mid and high frequencies that is making u not feel well?

im very intrested in your case and want to help you as i know a thing or 2 about sound

i`ve just researched the SDCS symptomes and saw it can occure that you have pressure differences in the ear and in that case a closed back noise cancelling headphone in my eyes would not be very comfortable and maby a open back would be better as sound can escape a littlebit more and would not penetrate as deep into your head as a open back

have u tried a noise canceling headphones already and did you liked it and does it stops the noises like u hearing yourself breath and even your heartbeat maby? because it might not be the case.