P20 pro seems a great deal?

  • 26 January 2019
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My wife has been offered to upgrade her contract early (saving£45) and get the P20 pro for £28 a month over two years, 4gb data, unlimited texts and calls with the option to add more data if required. Considering the best price I've seen to buy the phone outright is £599 I'm thinking this is a no brainer and we'll have a new community member soon lol
Yeah or Ney? what's folks thoughts?
Should she just go for it? or what else might she consider?

Regards Jase

3 replies

Looks like a great deal!!
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Looks like a great deal!!
Thought it seemed rather good, turns out she's been with Three for 14 years so it's nice to actually get a good deal when there normally reserved for new customers only.
Always good to get a second opinion so thanks 👍
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@Jase the P20 pro is a great handset, three always give customers great deals new or old. I have had my early upgrade fees waived twice now (one was waived 3 months early!) i have been with them for several years now and have never had a reason to change.

One thing I find disappointing with three is they have no option for the twilight option.
I hope your Wife enjoys her new phone 🙂