P20 Pro warranty

  • 10 May 2019
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Not worth the paper it's written on. My phone is still in warrenty, I have a cracked front screen and no rear battery cover due to it shattering into sharp shards even in a protective case. Like many I searched the web, read the forums and its always, send off for repair at cost. The cost is a 3rd or more of the original phone. If I repair it myself I invalidate the warrenty. If I invalidated the warrenty then the the glass would be covered by the warrenty. Its ridiculous the amount of people who have this problem. Some people don't have 250 to 300 euros spare. Its an easy way to get more money out of the customer. I moved from Samsung which I have been with for years with no problems with cracked screens if dropped. Hauwei though, you drop and all hell break loose. This is a flaw in design and materials. I won't be buying hauwei again. Not a happy customer.

1 reply

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😕Huawei devices are pretty resistant overall, then again, if I drop your car from 15 metres high, I doubt it would survive either.

Concerning the warranty, physical and liquid damage is not covered by the warranty. If the device is broken or affected by liquid damage, the warranty is lost until the device is repaired.

If you repair the device yourself it doesn't matter, as right now you have no warranty on it. It is in the case you want to get back said warranty that it has to be fixed by a Huawei repair centre or authorized centre. I don't really understand the part of "If I invalidated the warrenty then the the glass would be covered by the warrenty", since the device is broken, no, there's no warranty on it.

Concerning the repair prices, I don't see the issue, the device used to cost 900€ on launch, you can't expect the repair to cost 50€ either. Sure, most of us don't have 250/300 euros to spare (in this case, display+backcover is over 300 anyway), but maybe in this case you shouldn't have a 900€ device either, if money is so tight?

A good option is insurances, some are relatively cheap, but it's obviously an added cost.

For Samsung, sure, no issue, I'm sure a Samsung S9 or S10, when dropped on the floor, doesn't break at all.💯