Phone artist wins Turner Prize - Do you make art on your phone?

  • 6 December 2018
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This year's Turner Prize winning piece is a film made entirely on a mobile phone (albeit an iPhone). The artist, Charlotte Prodger, said that she decided to use her phone because it felt like an extension of her self: “Because of that ease of use and the way you can use it while you are going about the world. For me, everything is in there.”

Increasingly, as well and making our lives easier and allowing us to connect with the world, our phones allow us to express ourselves artistically. It'd be interesting to discuss how people here might be using their Huawei phones to create art and to express themselves.

You can read more about Charlotte's work here:

4 replies

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Hi Jmoon,

Nice topic! We have some members who are really active in smartphone photography!

@Tony @Golden @Duncan @Tboy2000 @nerdykirst, How are you all using your phones to create art and to express yourself? Could you share a bit about it?
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I shoot exclusively on my mobile phone now, in fact I recently sold my DSLR so apart from a 360 camera which I use for creating content for Google Maps my smartphone is my only method of taking photos now. I recently setup a blog called Smartphone Photographer where I document my experiences with various phones and write about upcoming devices and accessories.
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Hi @Tony

Great, I'll definitely take a look at your blog.

I'm just an amateur snapper (most for social media) myself, but for years there was always a compromise between quality and convenience when it came to photography. Invariably, whenever I found a great shot I'd never have my camera on me and would have to settle for an inferior image from my phone. With cam-phones like the P20 Pro (my previous phone) and the Mate 20 Pro (my current) we have both convenience and quality - there's really no need to compromise anymore.

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I used to be active on the Lomo LCA film community and the motto that they lived by is

Don't think Shoot.

Especially now imaging is digital, just take the shot and experiment.