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  • 22 July 2019
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Needa bit of info, I'm moving away from Samsung and getting a Huawei, not being in the financial situation to go for the P30 pro, my question is which should I upgrade to, P20 pro, Mate20 pro or P30 ??

4 replies

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My first Huawei phone was a p20 Pro. At the time it was a between the p20 pro and the Samsung but I went for the p20 and I am so pleased I did. I found it a fantastic phone with a outstanding camera. I was so impressed with it that within a year I changed my laptop to a Huawei MateBook 13, a fantastic laptop, and I now have a Huawei tablet.
Unfortunately I had an accident with the p20 pro and broke it beyond repair, my own silly fault, but as soon as the p30 pro became available I put my name down to pre-order. Needless to say I find that to is a absolutely fantastic phone with an completely amazing camera.
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I suggest Mate20 Pro or a P30 Pro as these are the latest and best models Huawei sell.
Mate 20 Pro is the top model but p30 pro is a few months younger and has a new periscope camera for fantastic optical zoom.
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P30 Pro just got a price cut, at least in Belgium, down by 100€. Maybe it's the same in your location.

Otherwise, main difference between P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro on camera level is the wide-angle lens. The rest is faster SoC, wireless charging, faster charging and a curved screen with in-screen fingerprint reader. If all you want is a nice camera, P20 Pro is rather cheap & still decent a year later.

Otherwise I would most likely just pick the P30, the battery is a bit smaller compared to P20 pro & mate 20 pro, but you get flat screen, nice camera & the faster SoC.

edit1: otherwise, if you can hold off a bit longer, P30 Pro will go down in price the closer we get to the Mate 30 series launch.
The mate 20 has the in screen finger print and some of the features that would later feature in the p30 pro.... Camera is also very good on the mate 20 Pro as expected, processor power exceptional, memory 128GB same as P30.. I would say because the P30 is newer it will be more expensive and if you're trying to save money but get the best for your cash, I would suggest the Huawei Mate 20 Pro!!