[Poll] Which way do you rotate your phone into landscape mode?

  • 16 August 2019
  • 2 replies

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When you hold your phone in portrait mode and you need to turn it sideways to landscape mode, which way do you turn it?

Anticlockwise so the camera/notch is on the left
Clockwise so the camera/notch is on the right?

There is a reason why I ask which will be revealed once a number of responses have been left.

Which way do you turn your phone into landscape mode?

2 replies

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I answered but I mix and match rotating.
Rotate anti for camera use
Rotate clock for. Standing up on desk due to flip covers always being made for right handed people.
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Ok so the whole point of my poll is purely based around the position of phone speakers. If you hold the phone in portrait position and the speaker is either at the top left or bottom left, then when you turn the phone anticlockwise (which it seems virtually everyone does - see my Facebook replies below), your hands holding the phone block the speakers and muffle the emitted audio.

Thus, I wish Huawei would position speakers at bottom right and/or top right (when in portrait mode), because the speakers will not be blocked when rotated and held by what seems the majority of people do. A small detail but an important one in mobile phone design.

On the Mate 20 (non pro), the main speaker is at the bottom right so when rotated anticlockwise, the speaker will be at the top right and not blocked. Perfect! However the Mate 20 X has speakers at top left and bottom left (portrait mode). Thus when rotated anticlockwise they are muffled by the hands. To me this is a design flaw.

We are conditioned to rotate phones anticlockwise because a) it seems natural, b) volume and camera buttons are on the right long edge so they will naturally be on top when rotated correctly, c) flip cases open to the left so they will hang out of the way when rotated to the left and d) some camera layout designs are orientated to be on the left when in landscape mode.

I really really hope this message can get to the Huawei design team so they can make sure all future handsets have speakers in the optimal position based on how the majority of the public all rotate their phone the same way - anticlockwise.

When asked on Facebook which way do you rotate your phone, the replies speak for themselves: