Replacement for A Surface Pro 2

  • 28 May 2019
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I run quizzes for local pubs and art the moment I use an aging Microsoft Surface Pro to run them as they are all written in PowerPoint as some of the venues they are protected onto a screen.

This machine is starting to show its age and I've had to use my Mate 10 Pro phone to step in, which it does well, but the screen is a little small for the Excel spreadsheet I use to keep the scores on.

I am looking at a replacement and wondered what people would suggest. As some of the venues are large something I can easily carry around with me, such as an Huawei tablet would be idea, but one of the bits of software I use is Windows only. This is bingo software.

Has anyone had any experience of this and would you recommend one of the Huawei tablets or save up for an Huawei laptop??

2 replies

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If u can afford it, get another surface pro

Don't bother with Huawei tablet, it won't receive updates and if they do they will be slow.

If you want android then get latest chromebook or go with another brand.

With the issues going on with Huawei at moment I would be wary about buying their devices until there is certainty of what is happening