Share your tips & tricks for the #StorySignChallenge

  • 18 December 2018
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Share your tips & tricks for the #StorySignChallenge
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Have you heard about the #StorySignChallenge?!
Sign along to Santa Claus is coming to town with the StorySign avatar, Star, to help raise
awareness of the struggles deaf children face. To a lot of people, carol singing and Christmas
songs are something to look forward to, but for the 32 million deaf people around the world that’s
not always the case. Spread the joy and nominate your friends or fellow community members to take on the #StorySignChallenge and join this cause too.

Share your tips & tricks for the #StorySignChallenge
It's not easy to learn sign language. Share your top tips on how to learn Santa Claus is Coming to Town in sign language in the comments and help others participate in the #StorySignChallenge. I'm also looking forward to seeing your video's! 😄

Want to know how to use StorySign? Check out this topic. Want to know more about the challenge? Go to our website.

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