Tech for the not so young: Smart watch recommendations

  • 15 August 2019
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I’m of an age were I could be described as being in my later years!
Some 18/24 months ago myself and a group of friends found that when we met up we would often find ourselves excitingly talking about our phones, laptops and tablets in fact everything and anything in the Tech&gadget world. So we decided that we would set up a tech&gadget club.
The first thing we needed was a club name and after some discussion and a few rude suggestions , over a pint or two, someone came up with the name ‘The Babbage Club’.
Now I’m sure you all already know that the name Babbage was the surname of ‘Charles Babbage’ the guy that is thought by some to be the farther of the computer. Hence the ‘Babbage Club!’ Now that’s clever hu.... well not really!
We met a couple of times and it soon became obvious that the tech information given in the official reviews was not really that relevant to us. What we wanted to know was ‘is the camera any good at taking pictures?’ or ‘can I take a good photo in the dark?’ not that it has a “sensor boasting OIS with f/2.2 aperture” as such I soon became the clubs official reviewer.
I start by borrowing my friends bits of tech/computers etc and I used them for a day or two then when I have done this a few times I would recommend which of them was best at doing what.
Hence a lot of the time Huawei has been my recommendation.
I would report back to the ‘Babbage club” with my findings and answer the questions that were raised, based on what on my findings were when using the various borrowed members phones, laptop, computers, Alexa speakers, cameras, security cameras and alarms etc.
I now have friends of friends and friends of friends of friends all asking for recommendations.
Now we are all of an age that one may better understand our abilities by adding an ‘d’ to the word, ie we are all well ‘aged’.
While this is no indication of our intelligence it does often carry unfortunate body fatigue.
There is an old english party game called ‘Chinese whispers’. Basically one person in the room starts with a made up sentence, it can be anything. Then that person whispers the sentence to another person in the room without anyone else hearing it. Then that person does it to another until everyone in the room has whispered what they heard to another person. Then the last person who received the whispered sentence announces to the room what they have just had whispered to them. The person who started then reads the original . Normally to find that a couple of the words have been changed in the process of people mishearing the whisper.
So why is this of any importance?
Well as one gets older one can find that ones hearing was not as sharp as it used to be and it was by members of the group telling their friends and by their friends telling their friends that the club name eventually became known as “The Cabbage Club”
But, despite the name change, the club is still going strong and the latest bit of Tech that I am being asked for recommendations on is the SmartWatch…
So if anyone has any recommendations or disappointments on SmartWatches then it would make a lot of hard of hearing old ‘Cabbages’ forever grateful.

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@Badger I'd be interested to know what features of a smartwatch would be desirable or needed by more 'aged' tech fans? The community has a thriving Watch GT category as well as other wearables, so I am sure our community members can help you and your fellow Babbages (or should that be cabbages??!?) out.