Thank you for my fantastic prize.

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I just wanted to say thank you to @Amy and the Huawei team for my prize, the fitness tracker. It was so nice to win something so lovely. I have decided to give it to my husband to use as he has fancied one of these for ages and also because I'm very immobile due to health issues, I have RA and so most of the time I'm on the sofa, so there's not really much activity to track there!! But I am very grateful to have won and I know that Mark will really enjoy it and get a buzz out of seeing his health tracked.

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Hi Gilly,

You are welcome! Glad you are happy with the Band 3 Pro.

What nice of you to give it to your husband. Maybe you could trick him into joining the community and letting us know how he is using it. 😉

Take care Gilly, hopefully you can try the band in the future!
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So far he's loving it, and I'll get a photo later and ask him what he thinks so far for you!!


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