The future for Huawei devices

  • 20 May 2019
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As I'm sure everyone is aware Google pulled the contract for Huawei to use their android os. What will this mean for current users who are waiting on the much anticipated android q, what does this mean for current users who want a guarantee that their phones aren't left vunarable by unpatched exploits, how can Huawei guarantee anything when they don't even have access to the operating system their users are using.

Just to clear anything up before an awnser is given I'm fully aware Google are still supporting Google play and Google play protect however this is irrelevant as the apps on the play store are only a small portion of the entire scope of security for the device. I have contacted my carrier and they have told me that they have received a quote from Huawei that they will continue to protect the security of the devices however as I'm sure your all aware in the wake of Cambridge analytica and Facebook scandals customers trust in companies Is at a all time low. So in conclusion I do not want a reply that just reiterates what the news articles are saying I do not want a reply that simply states you promise to do this and that. I want hard evidence hauwai are still behind their customers and will fight for them to have the best experience possible with or without android. I have heard news of a operating system being designed in-house if this is true please could you shed light on what is going on with it. I'm also aware that hauwai could use the Android open source project however this would mean hauwai owners would be Leagues behind people with phones from other companies

Thank you in advanced

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