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Many Friends are puzzled about why their phones cannot get into the super charging mode or quick charging mode. It may be that they didn’t know that it is necessarily to use the right charger and data cable.

Today, I wanna introduce the Huawei’s Charger and data line to you, it may do some helps for you to get the speed that you expected.

First, Four types of charger for Huawei phone
Huawei mobile phone chargers are divided into four categories: ordinary charger, quick charger, super charger, and 40W super charger. There is a most quick and effective method to help you distinguish these four types of chargers.

1) If the maximum output voltage is 5V, the maximum output current is 2A, it is a normal charger.

2) If you see "QUICK CHARGE" on the charger nameplate, and the maximum output voltage is 9V, the maximum output current is 2A. It is the fast charger. It is also compatible with 5V/2A

3) If you see the "Super Charge" on the charger nameplate, and the maximum output voltage is 5V, the maximum output current is 4.5A, it is the super fast charger. It is also compatible with 5V/2A

4). The last one is the 40W super fast charger for the most popular Mate 20 Pro mobile phone. On the nameplate, in addition to the "Super Charge", the "Max 40W" label and the battery fast charge icon are added. Of course, it can also be distinguished from the maximum output voltage of 10V and the output current of 4A. It is compatible with 9V/2A, 5V/2A

The charger is as described above, Next, let's introduce the three types of Huawei data cables which marched with the above chargers.

Second, Huawei three data Cables
Supports 2A Micro B data cable for normal charging, 3A Type-C data cable for the fast charging, and 5A Type-C data cable for the super charging. So how can we distinguish these three data cables?

1) If the plastic core of the data line is white and only has one-sided letters, then it is a Micro B data cable that supports 2A charging.

2) If the plastic core of the data line is white and the two cylinders are marked with the letter "3A", it is a 3A Type-C data cable that supports 3A and 2A charging.

3)The plastic core of the 5A data line is purple, and the data line is marked with 5A at the end of the data line. It supports 5A super charge, which is also compatible with 3A and 2A.

Now talk about how to match the charger and charging cable.

Third, Huawei mobile phone charging mode

Ordinary charger +2A/3A/5A data cable => Ordinary charger

9V2A fast charger + 2A / 3A/5A data cable => fast charger

5V4.5A super charger +5A data line => super charger
40W super charger + 5A data line => super charger

Using the original charger and data cable to charge will be better. But, you must confirm whether the phone supports the fast charge or the super charge firstly when you buy the package.

Note: All the above pictures are for reference only.

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Nice article@Yummy
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Thanks for sharing this. Really helpful! 🙂
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Rick F wrote:

Nice article@Yummy

Thank you!
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Amy wrote:

Thanks for sharing this. Really helpful! :)

I am very happy to hear this.
Unfortunately I Never received anything related to charging with my phone so using a Qualcomm 3.0 fast charger with seemingly stock type USB C cord, seems to do the job however I was given a tzumi wireless charger and does not work. Does the p20 lite only work with the qi wireless charging system? If so why?
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@Gratefultommy im sorry to say, but the p20 lite dose not support any form of wireless charging.
Please do not place it unpon a wireless charger for it will not charge at all.

Best wishes,
Thank you, seems even the huawei chat line operators are full of misinformation along with rest of internet 🤔 just figured I'd double check with actual users for confirmation. Guess I'll just wait to see if I even receive the update because that also seems to be up for debate due to me living in the United States hmm if not I'll crack this baby open and do it myself getting away from invasive huawei bloat ware 🤬


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