well good bye huawei

  • 11 June 2019
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Well for 6 months I was with you guys and at the start I loved it it was great I was so happy with the mate 20 pro I was over the moon but what you guys didn't see was the game of phone roulette I started playing I had the phone for 6 months and all in all I swapped 5 times my network was very good and very understanding into the circumstances and instead of keeping it (by this point hearing about the whole Google debacle) I was very disappointed and felt stuck on what could happen ee stepped in and took me out of the contract and said well we can give you an upgrade so I changed to the samsung Galaxy s10+ I am sorry Huawei I loved you lol but couldn't get stuck with that type of phones with those type of issues

6 replies

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@N4T3 , sorry you're moving on after having issues with your phone. Who knows, maybe you'll come back in the future?
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Would you mind sharing with us what kind of issues you encountered with the Mate 20 Pro, seeing you claim to have had it swapped 5 different times?
Ssure the first 3 I had all stuffed green screen the 4 got a poppy broken crackly speaker and the 5 had no face detection or facial recognition function
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Sorry if I worded my sentence poorly, I was not doubting your claim of having gone through 5 different Mate 20 Pro's, was just slightly curious on the issues you experienced. Thanks for the clarification.
Mmaybe but doubt it as could lose google licence
Also it not a "claim" is pure fact I lose Huawei's phone but I managed to get every broken one going