What are your first memories of Huawei

  • 1 August 2018
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My first memories of Huawei were the "Emui where are you" feature on my P9. Thought this was cool, also used to misplace my phone alot!! Camera was spectacular!! The colour also, i had the red P9, wish these colours were still used!

7 replies

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My 1st memory was working for the three network and getting a delivery of Huawei phones and googling how to pronounce the name, onto you tube and found the answer.
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My first memory of Huawei, was who are they, and wow what a journey its been, so myself being an Arsenal fan for my sins, Huawei have enabled me to not only play on the hallow turf at the Emirates Stadium but also a tour of Arsenals training ground, which as a fan was amazing, getting to meet some of the players and watch legends like Henry taking a training session.

Now having had the joys of using a P10, Mate10 and now the P20pro, its my go to device, the Camera, Screen and Battery life set the above handsets apart from their competitors, is it fair to call them competitors or are they just chasing the curve that Huawei have started

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My first memory with Huawei was years ago when they came out with the Tmobile Pulse which I must say was a crap phone, the only reason I have returned to Huawei was because of the P9, which I got kind of by mistake, I was well impressed with it as it was just meant to be a midrange phone but to me it performed much better than that, now I'm using Mate 10 Pro which is even better so now I await the Mate p20 Pro, just hope it's affordable.
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My first memory of Huawei was when I booted up my Huawei P20 and finished the setup process and immediately I had to update to EMUI 8.1 from 8.0
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First Huawei I purchased was one of their budget phones for my dad , first phone I purchased was the p9, stuck with them from then on.
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My gf back in the day had a mobile internet dongle made by Huawei. I remember thinking how do you even pronounce the name! Then I stumbled across Flossy Carter's Huawei smartphone reviews, made me go research
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First memory with Huawei is when I bought a Huawei p8 lite 2 years ago in Iran was my Favourite phone but later on got broke ):