What I love about Huawei Mate X

  • 14 March 2019
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there are a few reasons why you’d want to phone this big but one of them is that huge screen, it’s a seven point two inch AMOLED for the tall aspect ratio and a 1080p resolution, it really does look impressive even though it only has 346 PPI due to its size .

the screen has a water drop notch cut out but otherwise it is totally bezel s, as a phablet it’s size really stands out compared to a regular smartphone it is a bit on the heavy side too at 232 grams but you quickly get used to it.

the phone actually didn’t feel too difficult or uncomfortable to use and if you want you can use a stylus though it comes sold separately, the build itself actually feels pretty premium the may 20 X is made of glass but with an edge to vinyl texture similar to the May 20 pro, and there’s an IP 53 rating for dust and splash protection too .

the May 20x runs on hallways top chipset the keren 980 along with six gigs of RAM as you’d expect it performs blazingly fast, it’s actually well optimized for gaming the standard resolution screen isn’t to GPU demanding and the phone comes with hallways GPU turbo out of the box for supportive games.

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