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  • 17 November 2018
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I have two phones, i use a iphone and have an android phone. On the health app on iphone i did not get the “watch store” but on the android i did. A few extra faces thats all. Nothing to be excited. 🙂

the app on the android is with more details and is fancy with better graphs about your sleep, heartrate and exercise. The iphone app is very basic. On the android there are more settings like auto synchronize on or off or gps on ir off. Many settings.

Its a great watch, i hope Huawai will support and develop their ios app also and hope they will add features the users want.
Original clock faces are poor quality. Why Huawei not taking Samsung as an example of good work??
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They either can't or don't want to.
Hey guys ... for whoever does not have the new watch faces I have found a link that helps us get them on any device !
I am running the app on a Pixel 2 Xl so I believe this should work for everybody ...

But don`t get to exited unfortunately the new faces available are still a bit... the same ...
I would love if Huawei would give us the option to change music at least ... love the watch by the way other than that would not trade it for a different one ..
Good job of adding new watch faces. I have one request regarding one of the "Precision" watch face. Can you please make a black version of it? It is currently grey but a real black version will be beautiful.
Please consider following things for future updates:

1. A lot of Watch Faces in the Watch Face Market or an App for creating or customizing Watch Faces. (No need to make the LiteOS heavy, provide this functionality in a mobile app)

2. Improved notifications. (Multiple notifications for 1 message on whatsapp/other apps is a big issue in the user experience)

3. Replying to messages. (This basic functionality should be added. Starting with the standard replies like Yes, No, I'll call you OR providing a keypad)

Currently, the watch GT is only receiving data from the phone, it should start sending few things to the phone (apart from the fitness data) This one way communication is not giving feel of a smartwatch as you can't do much on the watch itself.

It is too good with it's design and fitness features, it can lead the market if few things can be focused in the future updates.
@lallolu That's why we need them to be customizable. 😞
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It will never happen...
We still waiting watch face store in Turkey.
I assume they release the updates according to the region and as always my poor country is at the bottom.🙄
Good day all,
Have had this idea that i think would be great for all of the 2 million Watch GT owners is an app where one can custom design a face to his/her liking. I mean there are quite nice faces currently but there is always one thing that doesnt work for me - whether its a color - or a lack or abundance of information. for example below is the Classic watch face:

Now this is one of my favorites but the lack of "date" works against me here.
I am fine with the current temp and even the current weather (cloud on picture) icon but the Max Temp and Dew Temp (marked in green) can rather be replaced with the date..
in all honesty i can just swipe right for the detailed weather in the first place.

Now if there was an app where one can choose certain info to be displayed by adding or removing, that would be out of the hands of the dev team.

another thing that would be great is for one to be able to remove any of the preinstalled faces. - they just take up space which there is very little of in the first place and not being used. there is perhaps 3 that i really like and use from time to time. dont need 20 hanging there....

If the dev team can consider this, i really think it will prove positive to current and future users.

(if moderators can be so kind as to forward to the relevant teams, it will be greatly appreciated.)

Needing to find this face link for huawei GT hope everyone will help

I would like to have the following features on the watch face absolutely heart rate, charge level, day, date, number of steps.

and with large figures and letters, like the ones who have vision problems. All kinds of communities need to think