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Has anyone use GT watch to tract swimming, it is nt accurate.

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Hi Linzhu,

Welcome on the community! 🙂

@balrog555 is also using the Watch GT for swimming. Maybe you can help eachother?
Is it right that the smallest swimming pool length is 20 metres on the Pro3? I swim in an 18 metre pool, so all the calculations are wrong.
Does anyone collate info from this forum and add it to the developers list? Or is there another way to contact them? I think that it should be a very simple thing to alter for the programmers. There are lots of smaller pools around. I aim to swim a mile at one session, just means lots of lengths.
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Can you please let me know what is the issue more exactly, such in which way is the swimming not accurate?

I will be happy to investigate this further for you.

Best wishes,
There are two defaults pool lengths plus a customise button. The smallest that it can be customised to is 20 metres. I swim in an 18 metre pool (these are common in hotels). This means that the distance that I swim is incorrectly recorded as it multiplies the length by number of laps. Plus I suspect that the Swolf is incorrect as well as the pool length is set at the wrong length. Another problem that I am discovering is the countdown feature. I need glasses to read the watch. So there is insufficient time to remove my glasses, pop them somewhere safe, get my goggles on and get into the pool. Please could the countdown facility be customisable?
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Hi all,

Thank you for taking your time to report on the situation!

We have taken your feedback, opinions and comments into account and escalated the provided information further to the appropriate departments.

Could you kindly PM me in private with the following: Serial Number of the Watch GT, current build number, the HuaweiHealth/Huawei Wear App version and the mobile you are pairing it with.

Should we have any news, we will keep you updated on the situation!

Best wishes,
Hi, I'm using my watch gt active on 25m pool. I've noticed the watch underestimates my laps when I'm swimming frog style by 40-50% ie instead of 40 it counts below 25 lengths. Can I calibrate it somehow?
My watch has the latest firmware
Otherwise I'm super happy with it. Great job! I'm using it for jogging, biking and walking.
BTW, do you plan to add more sport disciplines? I'd be super interested in rollerskating, snowboarding, kitesurfing and paragliding.
I've just bougth a GT Active, and I've tried it in a 90 min bike ride and after that in the swimming pool.

No problem with the bike ride, everything ok. But after 400 swimming in a 50m pool, the watch has stopped tracking and the screen was on all the time, showing the tracking info up to that moment but only with the timer running. I've made a couple of lengths more without touching the watch, and it kept the same, with the meters count stuck at 400 and the timer counting.

Then I have stopped the pool session and started over a new one. This time I have arrived to 500 m, 10 lenghts, and the same issue again. The lengths count frozen and timer counting, and the screen on all the time. I've decided to keep on swimming like this the rest of the trainning to check, at the end, if the lenghts were being tracked even without showing in the screen in real time. But not, it has only tracked the 500 m.

I need it to correctly track my swim sessions, that's the main reason I've had to choose this watch (wich, otherwise, looks and feels gorgeus!).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ricard / Mataró / Catalonia
I using watch GT active swim everyday..50m pool length 40-50laps , no problem..
Hi cherng48, thanks for your feedback.

I don't know what is the problem with my watch... I've tried two more times: one day I swam 30 laps without problem. But yesterday It stopped after 10 laps, with the same issue: timer counting, laps frozen. Then I restarted and I could swim ok the rest of laps...
Open Water Swimming GPS distances appear broken. I swim at several open water locations, a lot of which have courses marked by boys that have been measured by the site owners by GPS for accuracy - so provided you swim around the bouys, you will at least have swam that distance (sometimes further if not swam in a straight line!). My watch GT has consistently only recorded around 60-70% of what the true distance should have been, which is really annoying. I have wondered if this could be due to an inaccuracy in the GPS tracking when swimming, but when I look at the traces, they don't look too far out, if anything the trace often suggests I've gone further than I actually did and yet the actual recorded distance is much lower, this leads me to believe that there is a bug in the software rather than anything else. Today I did a swim around a 1500m course, the watch only recorded 996m, but the trace on the map looks fairly good and when copied onto a map this shows 1500m, so what's going on? See attached images to see an example. This happens every time I do item water swimming and the watch is always out by around the same percentage.

Please fix.



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