How to activate/disable GPS on Watch GT

  • 9 February 2019
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Hi all,

I apologize for the delay in coming back to you. Rest assure, the case is escalated to our development team, so we can solve it as soon as possible for you with a system update.

Bear in mind that your watch features a smart built-in GPS chip that automatically enables and disables itself during outdoor exercises (such as outdoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor biking, and outdoor hiking). However, it cannot be enabled or disabled manually.
If your phone is running on iOS 9.0 or later, EMUI 8.1 or later or Magic UI 2.0 or later and connected to your watch during outdoor exercises, the GPS data of your phone is preferentially used. In this case, the GPS of your watch is automatically disabled. When disconnected from your phone or other Bluetooth devices, your watch will proceed to utilize its own GPS.
In order to make a request, can you please send me a private message with the Serial number and current build number of your phone. You can find both of them in Settings > System > About phone. Please do not post either number on this discussion.
To send a private message, simply click on my name in the discussion post. In the new menu that appears, select "Send message".

Looking forward to your reply!

Charlie T.😉💡
Are you kidding? We're back to asking version info from users after 5 months? This is really not professional and i also fail to see how it is related to the issue at hand, the older versioning of the app and on huawei emui had the option to disable gps from the Health software, so not sure what to make of your statement "it cannot be enabled or disabled manually". @CharlieT Please sync with Max to whom I provided ALL system logs from the start, if any more needed i will gladly provide, however it seems that your engineering really need to get their story straight!
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Hello everyone!

We are really sorry for this issue!

Also, thank you all for this useful feedback. The development team will have a closer look on this issue and they will probably include a solution in the next update.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of problems in the future. You can also send me a private message for further assistance.

All the best,
Fun fact:
Now I just realized that also my watch does not reconnect if I have the GPS off on my phone, on top of not having the gps toggle for the watch in the app . Tried all the solutions discussed here, app has full permissions and updated, no battery save or anything, if I don't enable gps then the app just cannot reconnect to my watch. Feeling like I'm taken for a chum and starting to be curious (aka concerned) about my data privacy and if all these minor "details" are mentioned anywhere in the T&C for the use of the watch/app. Due to these "inconvenieces" that Huawei totally ignores, I basically own a smartwatch which is advertised to have an onboard GPS, but I have no way of confirming it or edit any settings for it to suit my privacy needs without turning it into a glorified pulse bracelet that tells time. Guess that eventually there comes a time when one must actually read the terms and conditions agreement we all click on "Accept" and "next" without second thought because this type of behaviour seems dubious and I'm pretty sure that there are some consumer protection laws that are being "a bit" stretched at best.