Huawei GT watch losing time!

I've just noticed that my watch is losing time. I have an alarm set for 6.20 and it's failed to go off now twice. This morning I was awake before my alarm should have gone off, so I waited to see if it worked. I waited and bedside clock showed 6.21, as did my phone, so I pressed the top button on my watch and the time was 6.18? After the screen timed out I pressed again and the time was 6.22! Which meant it misses my alarm.

This is a real problem as I can not trust it to wake me up. Has anyone else experienced this. If so please help.

P.s Sleep tracking also not very good. It gets my wake-up time, but only starts monitoring a few hours after I'm asleep.

Love the device, but not very reliable.

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@kwoodcock - just to check, are you saying your watch and bedside clock times were set to the same time, but now the watch is slower? Also, heres a separate topic about sleep tracking, which might be useful.
Hi, thanks for the reply.

My watch when I first checked was slower than my clock and phone, after activating the watch again it was the same time. This meant the time jump from 6.18 to 6.22 between press the button to view the time, was at most was 10 seconds. This resulted in misses my alarm which is set at 6.20.

Hope that makes sense.
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@kwoodcock thanks. Are you still having issues with the watch or was this a one off incident?
Hello, I have the se problem since the last update. The alarm doesn't work while I am sleeping. Whe I woke up using my mobile I see the watch doesn't show the correct time for a few seconds. I am waiting for a new update to fix this as I use daily alarm.
Still having the same.problem, did a reset, no change and since rest sleep monitor worse. Last night recorded 1.4 hours. Going to change wrist tonight, but this will not affect the time issue.

Can live with the sleep monitor but not the time travel which stops the alarm working.
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@userforum , @kwoodcock thanks - the post is flagged for the support team to look at. If you like, you can contact them direct.
Thanks, hopefully they find fix. I know this is happening to more users. For me the alarm is prioritary and I cannot trust it right now. It used to work fine until this last firmware. Regards.

I've had a similar issue almost weekly

I woke up today at 6am and my watch said it was 11pm.
Its the second time its happened.

I've had a few mornings where the alarm hasn't gone off as well and I dont find the sleep tracker accurate.
I've had times where I've gotten up and out of bed but its still be labeled as 'light sleep'
i live in brazil and i have this problem since i bought the watch, whenever the screen goes off the clock loses the time count, it gets to delay more than 3/4/5 hours depending on the day.
By the way, there are people who explained that Huawei GT watches are not compatible with other non-branded handsets, maybe this is the compatibility issue with your handset.
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yes until I understand that you will probably try to solve this in future updates, but until then we get the primary function of the clock which is to dial the wrong time on the device ?. this is totally wrong, if it were. a delay of 2 or 3 minutes would be all right, but the clock delays hours if it leaves, there were times when I woke up at 6 am and the clock was at 4 or 5 am.