Huawei GT watch & Mobile bluetooth

  • 8 April 2019
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Hi Im curious to know how the Huawei GT watch work.

So I noticed that if you dont have your bluetooth 'turned on' on your mobilephone like in my case 'P30 Pro' you will not recive notifications on the watch like messages and other notifications.

My question is, does the watch requier you to have bluetooth allways turned on, on the phone so it can sync with the phone? Is there any other way to pair Gt Watch and mobile phone without having bluetooth allways turned on, on mobile ?

I noticed that the bluetooth on the mobilephone drains batterly life much quicker when turned on wich is bad.

Hope somebody can anwser 🙂
Sorry for bad english.

3 replies

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Watch and phone communicate via Bluetooth only. There is no other way to pair them
Hi Kalantz, thanx for reply.

Well thats not good, but its ok I guess.
I defenetly wont have my bluetooth allways turned on, on the mobilephone so I wont get notifications on the watch, I can live with that,

Now im wondering if my fitness data will transfer from the watch or be visible in the 'Health app' when I exercise without having bluetooth on?
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It won’t synchronize until you turn bluetooth on and open the Huawei Health app. You can do it once or twice a day if you don’t want your bluetooth always on