Huawei overtakes Fossil in market share....

  • 3 May 2019
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That's awesome. Enjoy it while you can because if you guys continue the way you're going, this will be fleeting.

This goes to show you what you are on to. If only you could see what this could be. Alas, you can't.

Come on Huawei! Open your freaking eyes!!!

1 reply

It is not the time to be cynical. Huawei is selling GT in good volumes. Is it the perfect smartwatch? Not by any means. But it addressees two major segments: those looking for a fitness tracker in the form of a smartwatch and those who don't wish to charges their watch, every other day.
I am sure that following iterations of the watch will address the shortcoming of the GT, and if they do, there is no reason to skeptical