Huawei watch GT caller ID not working?

  • 6 December 2018
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Hi! I have the watch GT since two weeks now and I'm happy with it. Well it has some issues, which were/are already been discussed and I'm hoping the Huawei team to resolve them.

I checked the topics, but couldn't find if someone else is having the same problem as I'm.. when I'm receiving a call the watch doesn't show neither a the name of the caller, nor the phone number itself... it doesn't matter if the person is in my contact list or not. It's just vibrating and shows the red icon on the display? How can I fix that?

Thank you in advance!

Best answer by colective 13 December 2018, 23:03

go into the app settings on your phone then go into permissions and turn on call log slider that should do the trick
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10 replies

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I have the same problem. I see only red button with decline button on the watch.
go into the app settings on your phone then go into permissions and turn on call log slider that should do the trick
Just got my Watch GT all setup and love it,
However i cant seem to allow my Samsung s9 Running Android Pie to show Called ID.. it displays and vibrates when someone is calling however its blank where it would say who it actually is.

For the record i have activated notifications from my Phone app within Huawei Health

Anyone else having issues with this?
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Hey @ceejay,

I moved your question. Did you turn on 'call log' as @colective mentioned in this thread?
Hi, I am using huawei watch GT for almost a month connected to a HTC U12+ running android 8.0.0 , the last version. I have only one issue with the phone application. When I got a call I don't have the caller Id on the watch . In very rare ocasions it was indicated the caller ID but I did not understand the conditions in witch was indicated. When I call, I have a continuous notification on the phone that is cleared only by pressing the up button on the watch. I have tried the solution indcated above , activated all permissions that I Found but without any effect . Even firmware does not solve the issue
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Hello @PaulLacatus and welcome to the community!

Regarding the Caller ID on your watch, is it still sometimes displayed, or do you only remember displaying it in the past? If the caller ID is still being displayed occasionally, I would recommend restoring the watch to factory settings from the Health app and resetting your phone's network settings (keep in mind that this will delete your Wi-Fi passwords, as well).

If the caller ID was not displayed at all for any call for some time now, please let me know.

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Hi @Max ,

Thank you for your answer . I remember two or maybe three times when I saw the caller ID. This was only when I leave the phone ringing longer and answer late . Also as I already said in may previous message If I make a call I have a continuous notification on the watch that I can stop only by pushing the first button on the watch. In the same time I want to say the my phone worked flawlessly with Lenovo watch X plus and some health bands showing corectly the caller Id.
Hi again @Max ,

Done the network settings reset on the phone, the watch factory reset from health application . All is the same . What I just found that the caller ID is shown only after the caller close the call and I am not answering
Even with the newest firmware the same results. The caller ID is shown only in the moment of call redirected automatically to the voice mail if I don’t answer. It is way to late
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Hi Paul,

Sorry for the lack of reply in this thread. Unfortunately the community do not seem to have an answer for your query. Please reach out to our official support channels here if you still need support