Huawei Watch GT - Google Pay & Music Controls

  • 23 November 2018
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Please consider adding music controls to this watch. It is the only other real thing, other than the ability to add custom watch faces, that I feel will change this watch from being reasonably good to great.
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Agreed. And it would take about 4 hours of programming.
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Yes I totally agree and if the Chinese can have Alipay on their watches, why could not we have Google Pay on our own?
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Alipay uses bar code, not NFC. In today's political climate, do you really think Google will allow Google Pay on the GT even if it's technically feasible?
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It uses a barcode to connect with the phone by scanning for cons to pay it uses the NFC I think. And yes I think because Google is on the side of Huawei and helped when the US launched the ban.
Sorry for my English😭😭
Can we get dates to these upcoming features?
GT is an amazing watch! Now we have always on screen, now what we really miss is NFC and an option to turn on/off Bluetooth. If it had all that features it would be the perfect watch.
Please implement it as fast as possible

Thanks in advance,
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@gergo1112 forget about it. huawei has stopped supporting this watch.
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@gergo1112 forget about it. huawei has stopped supporting this watch.
Really? So why did we receive an update in August? It was the last?
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I would say that the updates will be less and less. They have been in "beta" for like a year with the watchface store. If it hasn't come yet, it ain't never coming.

I'd be willing to bet that our moron president Trump has hurt the U.S. chances for any love from Huawei.

Im using this watch only for exercise. I will be making a daily driver purchase when the next wave of watches comes out with the latest chips. This watch will end up in a drawer.

Its a shame. It didn't have to be this way but Huawei development stopped dead in it's tracks. And worse, they tell their customers nothing. Never again, Huawei.
Please make this an actual thing, I'm starting to think about returning my watch to buy one that does include wear os purely because of the Spotify controls missing.