Is LiteOS dead now HarmonyOS has been announed?

  • 12 August 2019
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With the recent announcement that HarmonyOS will power all Huawei devices eg watches speakers and phones, where does that leave us with devices running LiteOS?

Is it a rebrand or is LiteOS dead from a development point of view?

5 replies

Not sure but one of the main HDC 2019 keynotes was dedicated to LiteOS - Huawei HiLink & LiteOS & Chips, Enabling Simpler and More Efficient IoT Solution Development
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Yes I was going to say exactly what @chilko said.
LiteOS appears not be going away any time soon.
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It is important to point out that LiteOS, while most of us have heard it only from the WatchGT perspective, is not only used for this product. LiteOS is used to power many other IoT devices from the company, thanks to its small size, easy implementation and low requirements, and the possibility to adapt it to specific uses, such as the WatchGT. LiteOS is also used to connect smart metres, sensors, home appliances, etc.

I don't think they will be dropping a platform they have worked on since 2015, at least not on the IoT side. For the following smartwatches, maybe, yeah, then again LiteOS was kinda limited for a proper smartwatch. Smart bands, sure, smartwatches... eh.

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You may be right as far as the GT is concerned....
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So, I spent money on a dead product??? Lesson learnt here, never buy the first gen products!