Make sensitivity of Raise Wrist to Wake Configurable

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To aid battery life, it would be good if the raise wrist to wake sensitivity could be configurable. I find the watch wakes a lot when I am just working at my desk and not specifically wanting to look at the watch.

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Hi Jon,

Thank you for sharing this suggestion with us. I see that you have also responded tothis thread about battery issues. Have you tried turning this function off completely? Does it make a difference in battery life?
That was why I suggested it. I am doing some tests so we will see whether it makes a significant difference.
@Amy Tests so far show that turning it off adds about 2% per day to battery life. But not great from a usability point of view.

I think if you could adjust the sensitivity you could get good usability and 1% battery per day adding up to at least another day between charges...
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Hi Jon,

Thank you for the update. I will share this with our development team!


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