Need to "Re-sync" the watch with my phone.

  • 8 February 2019
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Hello dears,

I recently bought the Huawei SmartWatch GT-765, and at the beginning it worked without any issues, it synchronize with the Huawei Health app without any problem (I had to update the app, but that wasn't any problem). Then, few days later I had to reset the Watch, and since this I haven't been able to sync again with my phone. I had reset the phone, download again the Huawei Health app, In the library appears the Huawei GT Watch, but when I try to pair it, It does nothing.
Have someone else had this trouble with this device? 🤔

Please let me know your comments
Thanks In advance.

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Hey Wil,

I closed your topic because there already are a lot of topic about the Watch GT.

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