No notifications on Watch GT

  • 21 November 2018
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I recently got this watch aswell while purchasing my Mate 20 Pro. I discovered the same issue - im no fan of the pulse-thing so i applied a Nato strap.

I'm not getting any notifciations either, at all. Had a chat with a support agent who told me that the laser for discovering pulse needed to be active to be able to recieve notifications. Which i found pretty wierd.

Is this true? Or is it a lazy answer?

It's true!

That's the key for solving this notification problem.

I've tried everything that I can imagine and what I found here with no success until I read this weird answer.

My wife is a owner of a Huawei Honor Dream/Magic smartwatch that stopped receiving notification too. But yesterday I tried to do this "heart rate" solution and it worked!! Instantly the notification starts to pop on watch.

I think that the way that the watch check for if you're using it is the same as reading heart rate. So this could be a bug in some part of the firmware if you keep off continous heart rate monitoring.

Also if you have tattoo's or a black skin could be a problem for watch identify that you're using it.
When my watch is put on my desk i still receive notification (when notification work ...).
Well, I say that, but it seems two hours i don't receive nothing ... shitting watch !
What a load of crap. This thread is more than 8 months old and nothing was done to solve this issue.
I have to reboot my phone every morning to get weather and notifications to work.
No wonder they are giving it away for “free”. It’s just another half baked electronic device that could as well be listed for $19 on bang good. Heh... the $19 smart watches on Wish and Bang Good might be better than this shit
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i think the problem is about ram management the OS kills the Huawei health app in background after a while and there is no way to prevent that from battery setting
Huawie Health App is not listed with the other apps in App lunch in battery setting
hi there !
since 2 days, no notification on my watch !!!!!!!!!!!
***ting watch !
It happens to me sometimes as well, but if you disconnect and reconnect bluetooth notifications come through
You'll probably need to update your watch. The sad part about it is that you have to update, then update and update some more. This is because they only allow you to update a month's update at one time rarther than one big update. I've updated three times now and I'm on the August update.
I have the watch GT and all of my notifications come through completely fine.

I went through the health app and granted all permissions , I also went through individual apps and double checked the notification settings within them. It did take me awhile and alot of frustration but it works like a charm now