Questions re Watch GT's "must have" features - PLEASE READ

  • 10 April 2019
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52 replies

Agreed. This watch is being developed like it is an afterthought. They will not put the resources into this watch and we see evidence of this on a daily basis.

The irony is that it could be a big hit if they developed it. The form factor and battery are very impressive.

As it stands, it'll never be anything other than a lost opportunity and a toy.

anyone familiar with how the chinese develop & release products would know that in order to fix a product, a new one will be released. Support for existing HW/SW is something they have to learn. For them a fix is a new product. Problem for huawei is, this is a 200USD watch, not a 25USD Miband that u can just throw away and wait for a new version.
Customers expect top notch support. Get it Huawei?
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The new Huami GTR has less storage, and more features than the Huawei Watch GT !
Music control, weather for many days...

Huawei just damn sucks