Stand minutes on Watch GT

  • 7 February 2019
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Does anyone else have a problem with the "stand" minutes registered by the watch gt. I understand it's based on standing for a minute throughout an hour, however my watch only registers standing up between 7am and 6pm. For example if I'm awake at 4am my watch doesn't register that I've been standing up until 7am, and if I'm up until 10pm my watch doesn't register I've stood up past 6pm. It's highly annoying.

4 replies

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Hi @Jasonrsloan,

Can you please attach a screenshot here so I can see exactly what is the issue?

In that way, I will also be able to look further into this.

Best wishes,
So perfect example, today I got up at 8am, definitely been standing every hour, and it's stuck on 11, and it won't go past 11 at all tonight. If I was up at 6am it wouldn't register I've stood up until 7am, and then if I'm up every hour it will register 12 hours at 6pm. It's almost like it can only pick up stand minutes between 7am-6pm.

So, three hours later, definitely been standing, and the watch still says 11. My watch only seems to track standing hours between 7am and 6pm, anything out with that just isn't registered.

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Hi @Jasonrsloan

I had assumed that this was a function to promote health in the office/ workplace. That's why it only operates on standard office hours. I don't recall it ever getting an alert on the weekend either (although it could be that I'm just one the move a lot).