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Hi guys,

I'll try to post small suggestive topics next time, just to get comment of other users experience or opinion, but what I cannot agree is to get my conversation moved into a gigantic "LiteOS)/Huawei Health Bugs and suggestions" that nobody can understand what is being done with every suggestion and bug reported.

I don't know about you guys on this subject, I think it's a major mistake to have faces as an update for your watch GT.

Best choice would be to add "Face Card" in Huawei Health App and use it to choose witch face you want to use in your watch.
This way even, I believe it would easily unlock the option to add custom face to your watch, and avoid unnecessary firmware updates, and worse, with bigger and bigger images with just unnecessary data on like "all available faces".

PS- Amy you can edit my topic title if you want, and by the way, why don't you guys allow defining the topic kind to suggestion, and let people vote each suggestion, this allows you to prioritize requests improvements.
Also a good idea to setup "Bug Report" topic kind to allow more visibility to what Huawei should be focusing on in the next real bug fixes.

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Hey MrSaintz,

There is another topic about watch faces but I will keep this thread open. :)

I really like the idea of voting for each suggestion! When we started the community 6 months ago we didn't think that we would get this much feature requests and suggestions. So we are definitely looking at best ways to handle these on the community. At this moment I keep the long thread open for all community members to talk to each other and share suggestions, feedback, bugs etc. We do share everything with our support team and R&D, but as you might have noticed we don't follow up on everything on the community. We are trying to do that more often (it's our new years resolution 😉 ). If you have any other community related feedback, please let me know in this topic.
GT owners deserves to a custom watch wace. The options provided are very little. Also changable straps are are missing to make it more cutomizable.


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