Watch GT 2 is nice but doesn't Watch GT 1 owners at least deserve this...

  • 20 September 2019
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Now that we have seen the launch of the Watch GT 2 (nice enhancements by the way), I would like to express my thoughts as a customer of Huawei on what I think we "Original" Watch GT owners deserve.

Is this too much to ask for Huawei?

♥ Original Watch GT Simple Requests:

🌞5 Day Weather Forecast Screen - Similar to the way that "Heart Rate" functions when you actually go into the menu where you can scroll up to get the second page info, can we have the "Weather" function provide us a second page that shows the five day forecast? It would be so much more useful to know the weather for the next few days vs. just today.

⌚Updated Built in Watchfaces - Prior to launching the Watchface Store worldwide At least replace one of the "Energy" watchfaces with one of the newer, simpler analog faces from the "China Only" watch face store. Do the same for the non-useful "Festival" watchface for those of us not in China. Both of these are taking up space that could be replaced with 1 new analog and 1 new digital watchface as part of the standard firmware update.

🌍 Open Up The Watchface Store Already (Outside of China) - Even if you give us access to the current watchface store with the dozen or so standard newer Huawei / Honor watchfaces (not the custom ones developed by users), it would truly make the watch more personable and value adding. This feature is the reason so many supporters are jumping ship to the Amazfit GTR.

While music storage and playback and built in speakers and microphones are great to see on the GT2, there are some small updates and improvements that Huawei should implement to the firmware and app that would let us supporters know that the company actually does care and take care of it's existing customers.

Thanks for the consideration!

5 replies

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Huawei dosent read and understand user wishes. Chines guys are in teh forucs. No support, no user wishes. Eurpe is no market for Huawei.
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@eTribe thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community. Huawei has many customers across the globe with wishes for future features or updates to present functionality on their devices. We try to make sure posts such as yours are flagged for developers, but we can't make any guarantees about which features are implemented.
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Guys, please be serious: It is time to mentally say farewell to Watch GT and start collecting money on next watch, this time from the company which is reacting on customers' feedback. I have already done my choice and buying new watch (from the other manufacturer) in 2020. The only problem is that no one of the competitors looks so good than GT, but i have no option.

@eTribe: I would add (all three positions look very simple to develop as these are not adding sophisticated functionality, but rather "tiding/polishing development")
1. Autopause
2. Export from Health app to GPX
3. Bluetooth on/off in the watch
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I am beIng serious.... Huawei never again.
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Hi I Have the elegant version only a month ago I am furious. I think an update is in order its just run out of time for me to send it back, other wise I would be swooping it for a different one. My husband and I both have huawei phones as well. If your not going to provide the same to all your markets don't sell your products in them. Be fair to all your customers.