Watch GT battery issues

  • 13 December 2018
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Hi is anyone having issues with the watch GT battery life.
Since the last update I'm getting around 5/8 percent drop per day then on the 3rd day I take it off for bed at around 80 percent and its dead by the next morning.
This has happened a few times now.
I don't have any major battery drains turned on or use it loads as I use a different phone most days for work so not loads of notifications either.

Any help appreciated.

Best answer by Jon 7 March 2019, 10:41

@Max The updated firmware seems to have sorted out the Battery Usage issue I was having. I am now back to around 10% per day and 10 days between recharges.


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30 replies

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Hi @Jon,

I moved your question to this topic about Watch GT battery issues. I asked our support team to reply in this topic as soon as possible. 🙂
@Danjl Thanks. It would be nice to have option on the huawei health app to increase or decrease the sensitivity of raise to wake feature. Like I said earlier, currently its extremely sensitive. Even if I move my hand slightly the watch wakes up
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@Carlos , If re-pairing with your phone doesn't help, then you could try contacting the support team direct for assistance:

  • Hotline: 08000 886 700
  • Support Language: English
  • Support Time: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00, Sat. 9:00~17:00 (Except bank holidays)
  • Remarks: A note of the IMEI and the Serial Number of your device is necessary before you calling.
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You don't do something wrong. The battery should be able to last 1-2 weeks depending on the usage and with all the features you mentioned on. Maybe you should consider contacting the local Huawei service.
@Danjl Thank you for your help!
My battery life is just terrible. My software version is It wouldn't last 2 weeks (14 days). I did lot of test with different settings and I have come to realize that it's because the screen is too sensitive to wake up. No matter what I am doing, washing my hands, washing dishes, changing clothes, driving etc. The screen just wakes up. Huawei should fix its very disappointing.

I don't like raise wrist to wake feature turned off. It defeats the whole purpose of a watch.

These are my basic settings

  • Heartrate monitor: ON
  • GPS: No GPS related feature was used. No excersice
  • Raise wrist to wake screen: ON
  • Brightness level: 3
  • Huawei TruSleep: ENABLE
  • Weather reports: ENABLE
  • Notification: ENABLE (messages, google calendar)
  • Do not disturb: OFF
  • Battery life drain: 11 - 12 % in an 24 hour period
From the above settings it doesn't seem like the watch would last for 14 days
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Hi @adnanlanewla ,

I've moved your post here as this topic covers watch GT battery issues. It's flagged with the support team as well, so they can look at your comment about the sensitivity of raise to wake feature. Thanks
@Max The reset has made no different, battery consumption is around 13% per day before the last update it was 10% per day. Can you raise this to be fixed please
I have noticed that the power consumption seems to have increased with the last update. Gone from about 10% per day to 13% per day or 10 days down to 7.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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Hi @Jon,

Sorry to hear a reset did not help in this situation.

Yes, I would be more than happy to raise this matter to the appropriate department.

If you could PM me in private with the Serial Number of the Watch GT and current build number it would help me greatly!

Looking forward to your message,
@Carlos The battery on mine is still pretty good. I charged it a week and a half ago and am currently at 37%. Around 8% per day. One thing I do is to put do not disturb on when I am driving (I do quite a lot of that for work) and that reduces the battery drain by quite a lot.

@adnanlanewla I also suggested a sensitivity option in the raise to wake. I think that would be a very good idea...
@Jon Well, i charged my watch this morning, and since 09:30AM it already drop to 95% (it's 11:50AM). I think my Watch GT-CA9 (FTN-B19 model) it's just a bad batch.

I have:

  • Heart Monitor disabled;
  • Step Counter disabled;
  • Notifications disabled;
  • Raise wrist disabled;
  • Brightness on #1;
  • Weather notifications disabled;
  • and Don't Disturb enabled.
Is there anything else i should have disabled?!?

I'm already considering return it to the store and get my 200€ back.

If only anyone of the support team (@Max) could really help me...

@Carlos It sounds like it. It should not have dropped much at all bearing in mind you have most things disabled.

Mine has everything enabled?

Could it be a bluetooth issue, perhaps repairing it with your phone might help?

I was also told to reset the watch when I was having issues, but that didn't make any difference in my case

I just purchased P30 Pro, and got Watch GT with it. I love it, however my unit has serious battery issues. Since day one, battery lasts for 1.5 days max. I did this steps next:
  • Made sure Auto-track in settings is off
  • Updated the watch firmware
  • Reset the watch and paired it again to my phone
  • Turned Raise wrist to wake screen off
  • Weather reports off
  • Only continuous heart rate and tru sleep are on.
Battery is still having same issues, when I went to bed I had 97 percent, and with DND turned on, it was 65 when I woke up 8 hours later.

What should I do?

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Hi @Donchik55,

I moved your question to this thread, please read the comments above and let us know if you still need assistance! 🙂
Hi @Amy

As stated in my message, I tried everything above, still my battery lasts about a day and a half max:(

That's what I am thinking. Then I have one additional question: I bought it in Russia, however I live in UK, can I go to Huawei service center in UK, or I should do it in the same country where I got it from, Russia?
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Check the following link

I think the 1st paragraph answers your question
Hi received my Huawei watch gt yesterday had it charged for 2 hours but it lost 80 percent in 1 night what could this be causing this considering its said to last 2 weeks?
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Hi @Cityfan2012, Welcome on the Huawei Community!

I moved your question this thread. Please read the comments above and let us know if you need assistance. 🙂
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Hi all!

After any update it is recommended to factory reset the device, especially if you are experiencing issues with it.

Please let us know if the battery is still decreasing just as fast after unpairing and resetting the watch

Hope you found this helpful.
Best wishes,
Hi @Cityfan2012, Welcome on the Huawei Community!

I moved your question this thread. Please read the comments above and let us know if you need assistance. :)

Doesn't help I'm losing 10 percent a hour can't be normal?
I was recommended to factory reset the watch. See whether that makes a difference?
Admitted defeat tried everything still dying quick so sending it back
@Max I have done that an will let you know whether it makes a difference Thanks Jon