Watch GT burn mark on wrist

  • 21 December 2018
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Been wearing my watch for a while now, noticed yesterday my wrist was hurting, when I took watch off I have a round sore burn mark where the face sits, anyone else have this 😔🙄

Best answer by chillphone 21 February 2019, 20:03

That is an allergic reaction either to your wrist strap or the sweat. You also probably have the watch set slightly higher than you could with heartbeat sensor still working. You can buy third party watch straps off Amazon. I bought a genuine leather one for less than £15 for the same reason.
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21 replies

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Hi no not sure if it's that either as I wear my watch quite loose already. Think I'll just change it and see what happens

Also of note is that Watch GT uses a common lug size so you can get straps to suit you and regular watch professionals can fit them for you.
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That is an allergic reaction either to your wrist strap or the sweat. You also probably have the watch set slightly higher than you could with heartbeat sensor still working. You can buy third party watch straps off Amazon. I bought a genuine leather one for less than £15 for the same reason.
Yes, I too have had issues with the watch strap, very uncomfortable. I am sure many other users will have similar problems. I do not have any allergies.

Please see photos. Can Huawei help?

So I've been wearing the Watch Gt for a month now, took it off a couple of times since I bought it, and recently I've noticed that I've developed a rash right under the wristband, located on the side if the wrist, just above the thumb.
So I've was wondering If anyone experienced the same, or maybe someone has info on the materials of the wristband?
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Hi @Tommych83,

I moved your question to this thread, unfortunately you are not the only one with this issue. Hope you are ok!
Hi no not sure if it's that either as I wear my watch quite loose already. Think I'll just change it and see what happens
Usually a rash like this simply means either you are wearing it way too tight, or your skins doesn't really cope well with the material.

First is most obvious, lots of people think they need to wear fitness trackers/watches as right as possible, for the Hrm to work properly. In fact its better to wear it slightly loose so it can move a bit. Also, even though it's waterproof its best to take it off for showering and wait a bit untill you put it on again.
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Hi Stevienorcross,

That must hurt! Is it the same as in this topic? @Pippin who started that topic found out it's nickle allergy! Maybe its the same for you?
I purchased a GT-395 watch with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro on 18/12/18. I started to use the watch the first week in January 2019 to monitor my sleep and heart rate. Within the week the silicone-rubber watchstrap had caused blistering and a red sore extending around my wrist.

I reported this to UK & Ireland customer services and was told to email attaching a letter from my doctor, confirming that the watchstrap was the probable cause, and photos of the allergy. I emailed everything on 20th January 2019. Because we pay for medical in Ireland I also had to pay €70 for the doctor's letter and I asked to be reimbursed as it was a Consequential Loss arising from the use of a Huawei product.

According to customer services my case was escalated to Senior managers and to the Legal department.
Since 20th January I have tried many times to reach a resolution with Huawei and to obtain an update for my case but I have met resistance each time. No one will tell me what progress has been made, no one will tell what stage the case is at the moment, no one will explain how long the case will take to resolve, no one will send me an email in answer to my questions.

I last spoke to a person on Wednesday 17th April, who said he was from the complaints department, and that was only because I refused to leave the call until I had spoken to someone. I was told by that person that a request for an update of my case had been made just that Monday (15th) and a response was still be awaited. I don't believe that any such request had been made. I believe I was told that as a means to end the call. Also since it is now 14th May the 15th April was around 4 weeks ago.

Customer services did give me a number for the UK Reading Head Office but they gave me a 0044-number which rings but isn't picked up by the Receptionist. I had to call customer services again and was given an 0207 number that did work. That 1189 number cost me €20 in call fees and your Reading Head Office Receptionist said that number shouldn't be given out since it does not work.

To date I have incurred personal financial losses of €70 and €20 arising from my Safety Escalation because Huawei will not respond to requests for updates or a resolution.I have considered taking my request to a Small Claims court to recover my losses and to add the €25 court costs to the €90 already outstanding.

What I am absolutely disappointed with is the company's approach to this case, and to the fact that I have incurred Consequential Losses for using Huawei products but no one seems to care about that. If anything there has been a large degree of complacency. I would have thought that where an allergic reaction has been reported someone would have tried to make contact - isn't a customer's allergic reaction to a product a concern?

In the past 12 months I have purchased a P20 Pro, I now have a Mate 20 Pro, and will shortly be replacing this with a P30 Pro. I have convinced a family member to purchase a Mate 20 Pro also, citing it's great features and the Huawei brand. Does such unbiased and accommodating brand loyalty mean anything at all to Huawei?

I did contact the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission regarding this case and it was recommended that I contact the Irish Health and Safety Authority to make them aware that I had a reaction to the watchstrap. I was informed that the HSA may request data sheets listing the composition of the strap to ensure they are at legal levels. I have not contacted the HSA as yet since I shouldn't have to resort to that.

So. My questions are these:
How far do I have to take this to receive a suitable standard of customer service?
What do I have to do to at least receive reimbursement for my Consequential Losses at least if Huawei refuse to take action about the watchstrap?
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Hi @Lava_lamp, I moved your post to this thread.

I'm sorry for the lack of response from our support and complaints team. We cannot answer your questions for this specific case on the community. I advice you to call our hotline again 08000 886 700 (Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00, Sat. 9:00 - 17:00 (except bank holiday).

Hope your wrist is ok!
Hello Amy

Credibility has been lost I am afraid. I have given up on Huawei customer service and have zero trust in Huawei's willingness to take action to resolve this case or to reimburse me for the medical appointment I was instructed to make; as customers in this community are being instructed to make for similar reactions. Thankfully for UK customers medical appointments are free.

Interestingly there are a number of wearers having the same reaction to the silicone-rubber watchstrap and I was advised by the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Committee to report my reaction to the Irish Health and Safety Authority so they can investigate the materials used.
This is not my first smart watch I've worn both Apple and fitbits over the last few years and never encountered an issue with my skin. As I previously said the watch was removed every day when showering and cleaned/dried. I don't think it's my skin or tightness of strap I personally think it's the material the strap is made from.
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I'm the same..

Is anyone else's watch causing this to happen? Skin has even blistered in some areas. I've worn silicone straps before and no issues but now this has happened.

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Hey @CaptainOrange,

That doesn't look good! 😮 Has there been friction between your skin and the watch? I moved your topic to this thread because it seems like @Stevienorcross had the same. And in this topic it was caused by nickle allergy.
@Amy Hi no no friction and I'm. Not allergic to nickle. And the markings are from the strap not watch face.
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I have the Watch GT Active (the one with dark greenish strap) and after a few days, from what I've noticed so far:
  • Just like @Furcifier said, don't wear it too tight - the heart rate sensor still works fine, even if the recommended distance from wrist bone is not realistically possible, since it will slide down. The most important part it so have it close to skin, but it doesn't have to fit 100% tightly. I noticed that even if it's slightly above skin (so sometimes I can barely see the green lights of the sensor from certain angle) it still measures the rate correctly.
  • Apply some irritation reducing cream around your wrist before wearing the watch. Not too much, just to make it sink into your skin and make it more 'slippery'. I've noticed that it helped in my case, especially since I have a dry skin.
... Worth trying... Before replacing the strap as a 'final' solution.
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Hi CaptainOrange, I am using Watch GT and at first I was wearing it too tight and had similar marks/discomfort, which intensified going between hot and cold environments. Once I loosened the strap those problems disappeared.
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Hi @CaptainOrange, @Greatersage,

I am very sorry to hear about what has happened, and I really hope that both of you have recovered well and the skin irritation has not occurred again!

In this case I would STRONGLY recommend making an appointment with your doctor about the injuries sustained.

After this, please contact our hotline directly at 08000886700 free of charge of course or you can reach us via e-mail at

Hope you found this helpful.
Best wishes,
Hi I'm also having the same issue. I also don't have a nickel allergy. It's the strap causing the burn. This is after a week's healing still pretty raw. I always take the watch off every day to shower and clean the strap and issue is still present.