Watch GT Classic - Silicone Strap

  • 15 January 2019
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I thought I would share with anyone who has the classic version of the GT watch, obviously the leather strap cant be worn in the pool and you may want to protect it for smart wear so a silicone option may be preferred
I purchased the Samsung Galaxy silicone strap from Samsung, a pricey £24, but it really does compliment the watch with the chrome bezel, so much so I think I prefer it over the brown leather and very comfy for sleeping in

3 replies

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Hey Ianonline,

Thanks for sharing! I think this info might be useful for @LINZHU, @Scooby86, @balrog555 and @Mixoutside! 🙂
H eBay. £2 delivered from China very spotty looking.
Sorry sporty looking haha. Think my touch screen may be on its way. Haha.