Watch GT, crashing while workouts

  • 16 May 2019
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I've using the watch for a month now. In that time it did crash while outdoor workouts. While recording it suddenly showed the current time and although already recording for something between 30 minutes and an hour, there wasn't a trace of that workout. Simply gone.

It happened with three different firmware versions and the last time with current one ( After an hour of walking. The other crashes were while outdoor running, after something like 5 km. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt, so not anything was in contact with the watch. Battery always been far more than 50% loaded.

5 replies

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Are you using a huawei phone?

Is the GT watch up to date?

Have you linked GT watch with Huawei Health App?

Are they both syncing?

Is Bluetooth enabled on other devices example headphones? Maybe weird conflict?
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When I'm running, the watch is disconnected, as my phone stays at home.

Yes, the watch is up to date. As I wrote (did you read it?) it happend with three different versions including the last.

Of course everything is syncing. The watch with health and health with the Huawei cloud.

No other bluetooth devices were used.

While the last crash my phone (oneplus one, LineageOs 16.0) probably has been connected. So no difference.

I don't know, if the watch crashes or just the workout app on the watch. I didn't see it happening, just recognized the watch suddenly were showing the time instead of the workout screen.
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@Jobart I experienced the same yesterday whilst out on a run using the trail run setting. After 3km of my 11k run, it just reverted back to the time like you mentioned without any trace of the Workout. I'm using Samsung S9+ with everything up to date.
I have just experienced similar behaviour!
I tracking my outdoor cycling and after 15 minutes it's forget it. Just shown the time.
I have P30 and Watch Gt. Everything
up to date and they are connected.
Thank you!
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I just experienced the same thing on an "Indoor Swim" since the latest Firmware update. This is one of the rare things that used to work. Also happens when you pause during a workout. This watch is just getting worse with every update. Huawei should really rethink and bring in another development team for the watch GT with so many faults.