Watch GT GPS track download and altimeter calibration

  • 12 February 2019
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I've been the owner of the Watch GT for nearly two months now and am generally very pleased with it. My main problem is that I bought it as the GPS seemed so good, but there is no navigation app and I can still find no way of extracting a track from it, even though it appears accurate in the Health app. The Google Fit integration doesn't seem to pass the track across so even a Google Takeout file only has data from my phone and this makes owning the watch pointless. I also find the altimeter to be very far out – yesterday it thought I was at -200 ft below sea level when I live close by (and above) the coast. A couple of days before at a known height of 1900 ft it was 100 ft too low. Is there any way to calibrate this?

Thank you!

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Hi NJTeign,

Welcome on the community. Sorry to see that you are having problems with your Watch GT.

I closed your topic because there are several other topics about these issues:

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