Watch GT loosing Bluetooth in swimming pool

  • 5 January 2019
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Hi all. Just a question. I recently got a watch gt to receive notifications while in a swimming pool. As a swimming teacher I spend most of my days in a pool. So I got this watch so I could see if any cilents were ringing me or texting me while I am in the water, I have used it twice now in two different pools and both times no matter how far for my phone I am as soon as I get in the pool I loose my Bluetooth connectivity so no notifications. Can someone tell me if this is normal as I rang customer service and the feller I spoke to didn't seem to understand water I was saying. I have spoken to other people who have Garmin or Fitbit watches and apple watchs too and they have Bluetooth while in the pool. Any help please. Cheers Steve.

8 replies

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Mmm, can't say I had the same issues myself while on holiday but to be honest I wasn't exactly testing it out to see if I was getting notifications or not. If you don't mind paying for another holiday for me I'd be happy to test this again lol.
Joking aside does it happen when submerged in any amount of water?

Regards Jase.
The pools are 1.2m deep but in all honesty the watch never goes below 0.5m it seems to be as soon as there is any water covering the watch. As in just under the surface. So just confused about it. The feller I spoke to at customer service keep telling me it is normal for the Bluetooth to disconnect but once I was with my phone again( as in next to each other) I would receive notifications on my watch. Haha.
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I'll try submerging my watch in as deep a bath as I can later and will report back to see if it works or not.

Regards Jase
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So submerging phone in approximately 250mm of water I was unable to take my phone more than 1 meter (actually slightly less) away without losing Bluetooth signal, so it would appear that unless you've got both phone and watch with you in the water it's not going to work how you wanted unfortunately.

Regards Jase.
Seems alittle pointless haha. Shane that may aswel take the watch back as that was the only reason behind getting one. Shame as love my Huawei phone. Cheers.
Have u see any madness after using watch in swimming pool. I had 2 watches with atm5 and all of them just been karp after 1 visit in swimming pool
No the watch works fine while in and then reconnect to Bluetooth within a few mins with no issues. Great watch just shame about loosing the Bluetooth.
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Hi all,

If you can PM me with the S/N and firmware version of the watch, perhaps our dev team may find a way to ensure a more stable BT connection while in use for swimming in a future update.
Please mark the PM with #swimmGT

Best wishes,