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I received my Watch GT recently and honestly I love it. Coming from someone who has always hated to wear things on his wrist. I just have a couple of suggestions that would honestly be great for it.

-Music controls on music apps like Spotify or stock Music app
-Ability to reply to messages like SMS, Whats App, etc.
-Show specific icon badge for notifications. At the moment you have one for SMS and 1 different for all the rest.

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Great suggestions which should be possible to implement through software updates. Have you had any trouble with the alarm not waking you up? Mine only goes off 8 times before snoozing itself which means it doesn't give me a chance to wake up (especially with how soft the vibration is)
To be honest yesterday I took it off to go to sleep, I will try it today and let you know.
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Hi @Nghtmare,

I closed this topic because there already is a longer thread about Watch GT and Huawei Health bugs and suggestions.

And could you let @Ziggy50 know about the alarm in This topic? 😄

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