Watch GT update broke notifications on iPhone

  • 23 January 2019
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my watch GT was playing nicely with my iPhone 7- all notifications, calls etc coming through as they should. The firmware update was done on Saturday, and all notifications stopped except phone calls. I’ve endlessly tried resetting the phone, forgetting/ reconnecting Bluetooth, checking ‘do not disturb ‘ isn’t on, but to no avail. Occasionally get a random old notification, but recent emails etc not coming through. Not impressed. Any way of reversing the firmware, as the old one was working fine!

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2 replies

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Hi Swiftkontiki and Jon,

I closed this topic because there is a long thread about the notifications on the Watch GT.
I have the same problem. Mine seems a bit hit and miss, sometimes I get notifications sometimes not, some are delayed. Calls and Texts seem to be OK