A day in my life with my Huawei Watch 2 & P20 Pro

  • 24 August 2018
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A day in my life with my Huawei Watch 2 & P20 Pro
My day starts usually at 5:45 am these days due to the sun deciding to blind me. So, when I am suitably conscious I have to admit, I do reach for my phone, but it is my clock. I lie there, contemplating the day, trying to understand the meaning of why we are here, either that or I’ll play Words with Friends, (usually it is Words with Friends!) So, after I have played my few games I get out of bed and get ready for work.

Once dressed I strap on my Huawei Watch 2 (linked via Bluetooth to my Huawei P20 Pro) and grab my hoodie/jacket and plug in my headphones and prepare to leave. Today I am busing it to work so Spotify is the source of entertainment into work. First to find a suitable playlist (just now GLOW Soundtrack Seasons 1&2 – Pure 80s Cheese fest – works wonders first thing) and then I venture into the big bad world. [Huawei P20 Pro & Huawei Watch 2 battery 100%]

These mornings are great for pictures
It has so many great potential pictures just waiting to be snapped and uploaded. (I could easily walk round taking pictures all morning, but I’d probably get sacked sadly!)

My commute to work
When my bus finally arrives, I settle down in a spare seat for the commute to work. Music playing, then it is time to check Sky Sports Football news and see what else has happened between Pogba & Mourinho at my beloved Manchester United. After I’m suitably depressed by football news it’s a quick check of my Outlook & Gmail to see if any amazing new offers from Wish, Amazon or PhotoBox have come through to truly tempt me. 8 am comes around and my WhatsApp & Workplace notifications start coming through, this is the signal that store managers and regional managers are all alive now & alerting us to their presence. (So many notifications, no point having music on now as the songs get interrupted too much. Almost time to get off bus anyway!)

Into work and I must check the Company updates through my phone (but it’s good, connect to store WiFi now, not using up MY personal data!) and work through what is new to the company and stuff I need to know. Check stock levels (Huawei arrived yesterday on my day off, good!) and head out to welcome in the hordes of customers! [Huawei P20 Pro 94% & Huawei Watch 2 87%]

My personal recommendations for our customers
As the day goes by, I give my personal recommendations for what phones to buy, Huawei being the #1 choice (#2, #3, #4 too!) but with clear reasons. The top spec of the devices with a great price! What’s not to like!?! When lunch finally comes around I go get my food, pay for it with my phone (Google Pay is so easy, and handy, especially if you forget your wallet!) then back to work. MyFitnessPal needs to know what I’m planning on eating (nosey git) and then it is time for some Netflix during lunch. Sadly, then back to work. [Huawei P20 Pro 89% & Huawei Watch 2 84%]

After the working day is done, made lots of Huawei converts (well 4 today!) it is through showing the device and being so passionate about it that helps. The pictures I’ve taken WOW a lot of the people. These are pictures I have taken during a walk through a local garden recently and people just look in awe. These are those pictures I show.

Before I head home I have to try the new ice cream store nearby. (Well, I choose too!) And obviously, try out the camera on the sundae I buy.

It is time to head home
Check the Stagecoach app to check if the bus may bother showing up today and when it finally does it is Netflix on the bus (any Netflix show recommendations please leave in comments below – Thanks!). Spotify for when off the bus then into my house. [Huawei P20 Pro 69% & Huawei Watch 2 57%]

Words with Friends and a lot of Facebook fills up the early evening. Torch on for bedtime stories with my daughters (stories seem better in torch light) another round of checks of the emails before settling on to the couch to watch the TV. Lazy self-threw the TV remote to the other couch so use phone Smart Controller to switch the TV off and then head to bed. [Huawei P20 Pro 59% & Huawei Watch 2 52%]

Alarm set (don’t need it though, stupid sun!) – goodnight world today has been a good day!

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