A September without my Huawei P20 Pro

  • 21 September 2018
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“Social media devotees are being encouraged to "take back control" and stop scrolling through their feeds for an entire month.
The Royal Public Health Society is behind Scroll Free September, which is targeting users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.
It believes logging off could improve sleep, relationships and wellbeing.” BBC News 27July 2018

I read the above article few months ago that September was scroll-free September, ie a month free of social media on mobile devices and what with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc I thought I would give it a go. But I would go one - better to avoid temptation I was going from a Huawei P20 Pro to a basic old school Nokia for a month, well this was going to be interesting.

I did go on prior to September 1st to explain my lack of usage/posts etc, was still going to using through my Surface laptop at home but from 1st September I would be social media free.
No waking at 6am and checking the 30 odd emails (7 worthwhile, 23 could easily skip!), no updating my FB, no Instagram updates….No updates at all!

Well it was an interesting month, well not even month did I last. But 20 days was a good try!
It was the walking to work or on days off, seeing the perfect picture and not being able to snap it. I missed the daily motivational memes I received that made my day fun. The music playing apps to get my mood right for work was missing!!

Truth be told, I missed my Huawei P20 Pro. It was definitely an interesting experience, one I will not do again. It did make me appreciate my P20 Pro even more though! I was happy to have my phone back and it was good being back on the social media scene.

2 replies

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I wouldn't mind doing this too, I'm not really a big social media user but we do use WhatsApp at work and it's a pain - there's so many groups that I would love to silence them for a month 😉

Im just not sure I could live without the camera. I take pictures literally all the time.
Try it Tony, just for a week ... The silence from the groups is amazing trust me!! I have 7 work WhatsApp groups alone!!