Another date with Mate 20 X, love the zoom

  • 21 March 2019
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I went to watch George Ezra few nights back,
After fighting my way past at least 400 screaming 8-18 year old girls and got myself around 30 metres from stage, and dropping camera down to 10mp to use zoom thinking..... 10mp..... Zoom.... Low light.... People knocking me.... Will I get a decent photo, I was so so so so impressed, I saw certainly calling shotgun on the best photos in the building,
I was in paradise. 😂 So thought I'd share a few photos. 3 pics zoomed and 4th pic where I was stood.

1 reply

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Great photos there, Chris.

I too was a little dubious of the 10 megapixel lens when I first read about it but now I've had my Mate 20 a week I have to say I'm impressed.