Backing up your valuable files

  • 25 March 2019
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Hi All

After reading a few posts where users have lost files on the cloud, on SD cards, in private spaces and on their phones I'd like to share my views on backing up.

Hardware is so reliable these days it can be easy to become complacent. Personally I use the cloud which has got me out of some sticky situations but as a general rule I like to have at least 2 copies of my data at any one time on different media I can access directly.

The phone and SD card aren't really good enough as if you lose your phone.....😫 A second backup is required which could be a USB stick, but I like to make a copy of all my photos onto DVD.

So that's 2 separate media (phone and DVD) which is pretty good and you can restore these files quite easily.

Just to be really picky, you should store a copy off site. God forbid if your house burns down and the whole lot's gone. If you popped a DVD in your garden shed, gave it to a friend or relative etc your data would be pretty much rock solid.

Personally I don't keep an off site backup, but I thought it would be useful to mention for those who would be gutted if they lost their data.

I remember a phone call from a customer who rang up with a hard drive error number. It was likely the drive had gone faulty. When asked him if he had a backup he said "well we've never had to backup before". I went through it with him and told him all of his data might be lost. Further investigation proved this to be true. He was gutted to say the least.

The fact is most of us, including me, take backup seriously after a severe data loss.

Human nature I suppose.



3 replies

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Sensible remarks on importance of backups. But DVD backup is cumbersome to me.
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The advantage of DVD's is they are very robust, but a USB hard disk would do the same job if you prefer :-)

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Always good practise to back up properly and thoroughly. We use cloud and an external hard drive. Drive is kept in our safe which has a decent degree of fire/heat resistance built in.
My job also requires data back up several times a shift so It has become second nature to me now but before this job I would only back up monthly.
An encrypted USB drive would be adequate for most people if they desired to keep a backup offsite.