Dear mr Bump, sorry to upset you but i’m really happy with my p30 Pro!

  • 13 June 2019
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Just over a month ago I pre-ordered a Huawei p30 Pro, the main reason being on the strength of the reviews of the camera. All I had to go on was the reviews from the online and magazines ‘tech site’ who were lucky enough to be able to try it out before the release date. The reviews all put the p30 Pro at the top of their ‘best phone camera’ table.
Now being very sceptical the only thing I found I could believe for sure was the price, there is no getting around it £800 for a phone is a lot of money. So it was only after a lot of thought that I eventually took the plunge and put my order in. I ordered online, thinking that if I was disappointed I could always send it back under the 30 day no question return.
A couple of weeks after the normal guys, like me, were sent their phones the user reviews being posted started to back up the previous professional top rated reviews.
That seemed to be ok until we started to rate the Huawei phones above the Apricot eye-foam . In fact the user reviews were so good that when Mr Bump got wind of it he became completely enraged with jealous, he just had to put a stop to it. It was a few days later that he began to realised that just by him banning Huawei's products in his country would not make them just disappear from the rest of the whole world.
It was just unthinkable, how could they do this to him. He just could not let the rest of the world change to Huawei from his beloved Apricot. He needed a plan B. So he arranged to meet with his top level advisors, well not all of them, only the ones who would agree with him.
“We must put a stop to this” he blurted out in a fit of jealousy “it's outrageous that they are starting to buy that Huawei stuff instead of our apricot stuff”. He came up with another idea “let’s ban them in the rest of the world” “tell everyone that if they do not stop buying stuff from Huawei then we won’t be their friends” all the advisers totally agreed with mr Bump. That was enough for some companies like Bugle and PlaceCook and even some other far away lands , “ok mr Bump we will ban them to, are we friends again now?”
So since I have had my p30 Pro a lot has happened and during all this time the only thing that has remained the same is how good I have found the phone to be. Some 200 plus photos later and I’m still amazed at how good I find the camera. As for the rest of the Huawei products, well I have now replaced my laptop for a MateBook 13 and as a recent winner of a Huawei MediaPad, courtesy of the bi-weekly challenge I have given my iPad to my grandchildren to play with. As for the price tag, well I guess there is truth to the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ well unless it’s an Apricot eye-foam.
I am so looking forward to Huawei running out our own dedicated operating system, if the rest of the products are anything to go by then it’s going to be something well worth the wait and I can truly call myself google free.
And despite all Mr Bumps trying I never, ever, once thought of sending my p30 Pro back under the 30 day no question return.

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Ha ha excellent 👍 read, I am also very interested in the new ARK OS iv heard or shall I say read that it's already 60% faster than Android, I suppose we will just have to wait and see for sure, I think it will be installed on the coming P40 you I'm still enjoying my Mate 20 pro and have NO! plans in getting rid of it. Mr Bump can go take a run and jump.😊